Cavalio Luxury Vinyl Flooring


The luxury vinyl tiles of the Terreni, Vittara, Ceramica and Clic ranges look and feel real because they carefully reproduce the warmth and natural grains of wood, the beauty and character of stone and the understated beauty of ceramic tiles.


The Italian-manufactured Artigo range gives you modern designs, a choice of colours and gives you the preferred ecological choice as the reinforcing mineral charges and natural colour pigments are selected from substances that remain enviroment-friendly during the floor’s production and lifecycle.


The Cavalio collection of luxury vinyl tiles has been designed to harmonise attractive, practical flooring with endless creative possibilities.


With 2 distinctive ranges, conceptline & projectline, which authentically replicate the stunning beauty of natural materials, and combined with a protective treatment to suit modern busy lifestyles.


Each design faithfully portrays the beautifully unpredictable variations of wood and stone to give you a perfect finish to every project. 


Cavalio spans a variety of uses from residential to commercial settings, Conceptline is designed for every room in the home along with light-use commercial areas, while Projectline has a superior protective layer and is engineered to meet the demands of heavy commercial areas, while also being highly relevant for all areas of the home.


Influenced by woods from around the world Cavalio have carefully developed each shade in the Conceptline wood collection to capture the true essence of the familiar and not-so-familiar woods


To showcase the true versatility of these striking designs Cavalio present a wide range of layout ideas which demonstrate the full potential of the collection, taking inspiration from creative imagery to fuel your imagination.