Polyflor are a very well established company they began operations in 1915 when the company was actually a weaving company started by James Halstead.

The original product they produced was woven cotton textiles, which were dyed and waterproofed. However, the company later turned to the production of rubberised plastic.

The original founder passed away in 1935 but his company and legacy continued until company joined forces with Belstaff and was floated on the stock market in 1948, issuing 10,000 shares of ten shillings each. This resulted in the much needed growth for the company to fully reach its potential, with the first installation of the new Polyflor flooring being carried out in 1954.

In 1971 Polyflor introduced its XL product, the first single layer homogeneous to be made available in a 2 metre width. This was a defining move, as the product has gone on to be one of Polyflor’s most successful flagship products.

By 2011 Polyflor had created a new product which was bold in colours and modern designs, and also hard wearing and durable.

As a result it achieved the highest wear rating (Group T), and featured the company’s unique polyurethane reinforcement, which is cross-linked and UV cured for optimum strength. The product was called Pearlazzo PUR.

Polyflor continue to this day to invest in development in order to improve processes and products. With an investment in the region of £34 million in plant and equipment in the last decade alone, you can see that Polyflor are one of the major players in the LVT (luxury vinyl tiles) marketplace, and will continue to go from strength to strength.

These investments enable Polyflor to enhance and expand its product range, and to provide increased value to customers.

The success achieved by Polyflor has enabled it to remain customer focused, with specific foundations to work closely with both contractors and end users, to not only understand their requirements, but to provide the ideal solution for any installation.

As mentioned on our Karndean page, one of the key measures of the quality of vinyl flooring is the protective “wear layer” that sits on top of the patterned vinyl.

It will almost certainly surprise you to know that although Polyflor tends to be quite a bit cheaper than some of the other major brands, its wear layer is actually more substantial than on competing products, with some Polyflor vinyl having a 0.7mm wear layer compared to the standard on say Amtico Spacia of just 0.55mm.