Amtico Spacia Brown Oak

Amtico Luxury Vinyl Tiles & Flooring


Amtico offer the best in wood and stone effect tiles, combining  breath-taking designs with the best in performance, the Amtico Spacia range of luxury vinyl tiles (LVT) and flooring rolls is perhaps the most popular and best choice from this brand.

About Amtico

Amtico are the best known and highly rated producers of luxury vinyl flooring because they consistently deliver a top end, high quality product that will last for up to 20+ years before it needs replacing.

With a huge range of patterns, textures and types there is bound to be something that exactly matches your design concepts.

The RRP is around £37.50 per square metre so they are not the cheapest, but the 25 year guarantee with the Spacia range explains this price to some degree (although some other LVT manufacturers also offer this length of guarantee).

Technical Details

    RRP: £37.50 per metre squared

    Warranty: 25 years

    Tile Thickness: 2.5mm

    Wear layer: 0.55mm

The Spacia range is available in a massive range of different looks, colours and finishes, over 96 patterns of timber, stone and abstract patterns as well.

The Spacia range is designed to be suitable for the busiest of thoroughfares including heavy traffic areas like shops, so it is resilient, and also comfortable to walk on.

The Amtico designs are simply stunning to look at giving you an elegant and convincing covering that produces a natural and rustic look, adding character to any space. It will lift your flooring to new heights.

Unless you actually get down on your hands and knees and look closely at this luxury vinyl flooring you will be hard-pressed to notice the difference between the natural material it is represents, and the vinyl tile that you have actually fitted.

The flooring is made from a specific kind of poly-urethane which has a softer finish than wood, stone, or other typical flooring products, which results in it being warmer to the touch and giving insulation from cold floors, adding warmth and comfort to your kitchen, bathroom, living room, or in which ever rooms you fit it.

Amtico have produced  a top quality product that looks visually as near as possible to the genuine material it is replacing.

Technical Considerations of Amtico LVT’s

The total thickness of the Amtico Spacia range is 2.5mm, which is at the top end of any type of vinyl floor tiles. This depth meets the EN 428 and EN ISO 24346 criteria.

Spacia flooring is available in two strip lengths at the standard Spacia sizes of 101.6 x 914.4mm and 184.2 x 1219.2mm.

The wear layer thickness is 0.55mm, again meeting EN 429 and EN ISO 24340 criteria. The flooring range also has a tick finish with a urethane covering (the thicker the wear layer, the longer it will last).

It is also suitable for underfloor heating (EN 12664). It is important to note that Amtico in their literature and installation guides recommend that the sub-floor heating temperature does not go over 27°C.

For commercial premises Amtico boast a very good chemical resistance, meeting both EN 423 and EN ISO 26987 specifications.

Fitting Amtico Flooring

Amtico design tiles are as easy as you’re going to get when it comes to installing.

However, remember you must make certain that you do not cut corners while installing if you want your guarantee to stand, and with this in mind it is advisable to follow good preparation principles or choose an experienced flooring fitter.

One of the top considerations, and one that will call for a great deal of preparation work, is that the finished look will only be as good as the surface upon which the flooring is laid.

To make sure you end up with a perfect surface you should take the time to clear it of all dirt, smooth over uneven surfaces and most importantly make sure that it is level and even across the whole area that the vinyl is to be installed on top of.

This will not only make sure of a breath-taking finished floor, but will also make sure of the perfect fitting and adhesion of the tiles.

As with most kinds of vinyl tiles, it is important that the tiles or strips are allowed to adapt to their surroundings prior to being fitted, which is also true for before, during the course of and after installation.

Amtico recommends that the Spacia range is left  in a constant temperature of between 18°C and 27°C, for at least 24 hours before laying it.

If the flooring has been stored outside these temperature ranges then it is essential that acclimatisation be increased to 48 hours, otherwise there is a risk of warping.

If the space has high volumes of traffic, say in a commercial property, then it’s probable that the flooring will need cleaning daily, compared to a house which may possibly be cleaned every few days, if not over a longer period of time.

Because of the type of material used to manufacture your Spacia floor, it is best to put a mat at doorways from the outside, to help to remove grit and small particles, which can build up on shoes.

This will reduce scratching to your floor tiles, whichever brand you choose.